Koolang Wagyu Bulls 

Koolang Wagyu Australia was established as a Wagyu cattle stud in 2004.


From inception, we have focused our breeding on producing well-formed bulls suitable for use in F1 production. We have been involved in the rapid growth in genomics in the Wagyu industry. This has meant that we have been able to rapidly improve the marbling EBVs of our herd through scientific selection pressure and an annual AI program. We are now in a position to offer bulls which have above breed average marble score EBVs while not sacrificing growth or carcase weight.


We practise rotational grazing and accurate record-keeping to ensure we have strong healthy animals. Our location in the southern tablelands of NSW means we have proper winters and our cattle are climate conditioned. We practise low-stress cattle handling with no dogs used. The animals are docile. Our total herd of over 200 full blood Wagyu cattle provides an important opportunity to continue to practise strong selection pressure.


Our objective is to have a Marble Score EBV in excess of breed average. In addition, we look closely at Carcase Weight, Eye Muscle Area and growth rates. We are also conscious of the need to eliminate known genetic deficiencies.

Prices are available by contacting either Geoff or Michael.

Full details of pedigrees and EBVs are available on the AWA (Australian Wagyu Association) web page.

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