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Founded in 2004 KWA is a Wagyu stud dedicated to breeding full blood Wagyu bulls for use with young cattle. Founded using original stock and semen purchased from Westholme and Pasagean, it has grown to a significant scale.

In recent years, a diverse range of seedstock has been introduced to the herd.  This has resulted in a full blood herd with good diversity and several outstanding lines of high marbling cattle.


We produce 30-50 bulls annually in a spring calving cycle. They are selected from between 50 and 70 male calves born each year. They are normally sold as two-year-old bulls ready to work. We use our own Wagyu bulls on our commercial angus herd. 

Located at Gurrundah, between Gunning and Crookwell in the southern tablelands of NSW, KWA is ideally suited to high counting bulls. The breeding objective is to produce balanced bulls that produce high marbling offspring without sacrificing weight or feed efficiency. 


Our Team 

Michael Katz, owner of Clear Hills and the associated property Koolang has invested in the development of the Wagyu industry. He spent many years as a banker dealing with Japan and living in Japan and acquired a deep appreciation of both the quality of Wagyu beef and the dedication and attention to detail required to do business with Japan. He has used this experience to guide the development of KWA. He was a member of the Australian Wagyu Association Council from 2009 - 2011. 

Frederique Katz, is Michael's wife and has been an avid consumer of Wagyu beef since her years in Japan. She has provided guidance and insight into the all-important kitchen dimensions of meat cooking and flavour. She is the force behind the associated Truffle business, Tibor Truffles. 

The Manager 

Geoff Cummins is the manager of KWA. He brings 30 years of experience and expertise in rural industry in and around NSW. He is also a skilled AI technician and has developed a deep understanding of the genetics of the Wagyu breed. Geoff and his wife Gillian have also shown huge initiative in helping to develop the trufferie so that we can work towards our goal of providing the best of the best in terms of truffle and Wagyu.



Michael Katz

Geoff Cummins

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